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My hubby love says this to me all the time

Follow the rule: No cellphones in the bedroom

It didn't matter that I didn't know what tomorrow or next week or next month might bring. All that mattered was that moment, the here and now. All that mattered was me and him and the potential of us. ~Anywhere But Here, Anna Cruise

Good morning my love!!!! Would love to be laying beside you this morning and turn over to kiss you before we get ready... I hope you have a good day!! I love you!!

in this silence...nothing else matters... just the silence ,that person next to you and your soul... ♥

it was in that moment the fall air became warmer and the smell of autumn became that of love.

couchtime love with her forever! i have her my whole life I'm SO lucky :) and blessed!

So I'm looking out the window /And I'm drifting off to sleep / With my face pressed up against the pane / With the rhythm of my heart / And my sleepy girl's breathing / Is the rhythm / Of the southbound train

Valentine Fillol Cordier & Jonathan Heaf in London, July 2011