The Core Challenge - an amazing workout to tone and tighten your tummy!

It's Workout Wednesday, challenge your core today. #GenesisHealthClubs #core #workout #challenge #exercise #strength

challenge accepted

Best Workout for a Tight Tummy

make your own workout

Mini morning workout- right before the shower

30 Day Burpee Challenge Fitness Workout Chart. Who's in?

Your best butt workout!

Diary of a Fit Mommy: Diary of a Fit Mommy's 14 Day Bubble Butt Challenge


2 weeks to an amazing core

Leg Workout

more ab workouts!

Try this work out and see the results! As we all know, the abs are one of the most troubled areas for both men and women so here is a combination of quick high intensity exercise combined with strength building for the abdominal muscles.

10 best exercises for 6 pack abs (just did the 1st one at work before looking at the rest and already decided to repin haha)

Take the Jump Rope Tabata Challenge. All you need is your willpower and a jump rope:). #workouts #jumprope

8-minute Core workout

6 weeks to 100 consecutive push ups

Lower ab workouts! Challenge friends by tagging them! #female6packguide --