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Longtime Google engineer Matt Cutts is joining the Pentagon's digital team

Have a look at this interesting article by the horses mouth himself, Matt cutts  about how are the site-wide backlinks considered good or bad by Google and does Google counts only 1 link from the entire domain.

How do I know which links to remove when I get an "unnatural links" message?

Nienaturalne linki z Twojej witryny

Matt Cutts and Sandy explain what it means if your site has a manual action labeled as "Unnatural links from your site" and what you can do to fix it.

If I quote another source, will I be penalized for duplicate #content? #SEOTips

In Case You Were Wondering, Quoting Isn't Duplicate Content [Matt Cutts]

In Case You Were Wondering, Quoting Isn’t Duplicate Content [Matt Cutts]

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getsusan: “ Email Marketing Must-Haves for Your Inbound Marketing Strategy “ No matter what happens in the world of digital communication, there is one constant – email… ” View Post ”

Are results in different positions ranked by different algorithms? #SEO    www.pinterest.com/ndragu/engine

Q: How can an older site maintain its ranking over time? A: Adapt and Evolve or You will loose ranking

Is redirecting users based on their location spam?

Is redirecting users based on their location spam?