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Timmy Tebow! His personality makes him even more attractive. I admire his passion and humble attitude...not to mention he is gorgeous. :-)

Tim Tebow Say what ya want. But Tim Tebow is an amazing man! A true man of God, which this country needs more of!

Colton Haynes - CW has the uncanny ability to find the most unnaturally beautiful people that I have ever seen.  Here is another example - another reason to watch Arrow.

Colton Haynes (: -teen wolf -I don't care if he plays a jerk he's still fine.

Dave Franco is attractive in a way where I don't know if he's attractive or not

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate Dave Franco. Shoutout to James Franco for having such a beautiful brother

He still looks really attractive. I will never stop loving Peter Pan.

Puberty struck him well

oh peter pan.how many times did i watch that movie? i had to be the only one of my friends who knew that kid's name was jeremy sumpter. My childhood crush on Peter Pan has not ended. I regret nothing.

Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spiderman)

Andrew Garfield is the new spiderman! And although I hated the first movie, the second one made up for it. I think he's secretly living next door to me because my neighboor looks exactly like him! I love you chen, but Andrew is my celeb crush ATM.