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Inspiring picture be free, colorful, free, hippie. Resolution: 500x534 px. Find the picture to your taste!

Albert Einstein Nature Quote Illustration - Art Print - Mountains Ocean Forest Stars Typography - Choose Your Size #inspiration #quotes #wilderness #adventure #explore #nature

Take the words away and just the elephant would be an AMAZING tattoo!

I've probably pin this before, maybe more than once, but it's my favorite quote so really every time I see it I'll probably pin it

I always seek out positive vibes no matter what is going on in my life. It's the only way for me to live #soulflower #soulbudz #SPFinGoodVibes #contest #goodvibes #hippylife #crunchymama

Like the saying but change it to "we live by the sun, we love by the moon" | ❤ Quotes, Gypsy wisdom▲ Via Afrikraaft ▲ For more Gypsy wisdom follow▲#happy #soul #life #quotes #gypsy #inspiration

Remember this when you are about to spend another$50 on art supplies..THAT I HAVE TO HAVE OR MY CREATIVITY WILL MELT...

I love this feeling. It's so rare and doesn't happen everyday. Some feelings are worth the pain really. Laugh till your stomach hurts and the rest of your day would be awesome.

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