Make a QR code to post outside room for open house night. Parents can scan and get your teacher contact info! Whoa... fancy! . . . . Just did this and it was sooo easy!

QR code classroom scavenger hunt

QR code generator - great for back to school night or activities!

a QR code scavenger hunt. The code will take them to a location in the school, where there is a clue. They have to answer the question (clue) for the point.

Meet the Teacher Night Treat for parents...hopefully the message will be meaningful :) Open House at day care

Classroom routines made easy with QR codes

beyond the grades: teacher binder. Great ideas of things to include! this is brilliant!!

How simple and USEFUL QR codes can be in the classroom- this would be cool to use on programs for music concerts- more info on pieces of music, etc.!

EdTech Toolbox: 40 Interesting Ways to use QR Codes in the Classroom

Birds for the wall

Open House (Meet the Teacher Night)

If you are Elementary Tech Teacher, you should be a member of this site. It's free and there are lots of great ideas and lesson plans!!

A cool way to present information and easy to use. Put the information in a QR code and suddenly that information becomes that much cooler.

Definitely want to make a brochure like this because open house is such a hectic time! Lots of great ideas for open house on this blog!

What are the odds they'll let me paint on the door? It will be posted on the door as plan B!

"Meet the Teacher" Ideas: 1) sign in with info, 2) Take Folder with child's info papers, 3) take label with child's name and stick to how they get home chart and 4) volunteer online form AND sheet if want to volunteer in classroom

Beginning of the year, cool

Open House ideas...great blog with a lot of ideas

Anytime they leave or enter the room they read the sight word (password) of the week

Teacher's Prayer | Holly Monroe Calligraphy – Holly Monroe and Clifford Mansley : Heirloom Artists

Students fill out and drop in a locked mailbox outside the counselor office. Forms are introduced to grades 2-5 and importance of confidentiality and honesty targeted