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Wild Bill Hickok is probably the most famous Deadwood resident, even though he was only in town a few short weeks. James Butler Hickok arrived in Deadwood, along with Colorado Charlie Utter and Calamity Jane, in July of 1876. He was a well-known gambler and gunslinger, participating in many shootouts before coming to Deadwood. He was killed on August 2, 1876 when Jack McCall shot him from behind while playing poker.


Top 10 Deadliest Gunslingers

Not as well known as Wild Bill Hickok or Wyatt Earp, "Dallas Stoudenmire" was a feared lawman in his day, and is known for participating in more gunfights than most of his contemporaries. After being wounded several times while fighting in the Civil War, Stoudenmire moved to the lawless city of El Paso, Texas to serve as sheriff.

Miep Gies (pronounced "mip xis") was one of the Dutch citizens who hid Anne Frank, her family, and family friends from the Nazis in an attic annex above Otto Franks place of business. Miep was a great support to the Franks family during their 2 years of hiding and it was she that retrieved Anne's diary after the family was arrested. She later gave it to Anne's father, Otto, when he returned from Auschwitz in 1945. She said, "I am not a hero, I just did what any decent person would have…