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Wonder Twins


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  • Dana Gari

    The Wonder Twins They used to touch hands and say "Wonder Twin powers activate!". My little sister and I would pretend to be Wonder Twins. :) The good ole' days.

  • sierrah cocciollo

    Lame super heros

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This is an antique music download service.. place in front of speaker, wait for song, and hope that everyone can be quiet for 4 and a half minutes

I loved this show!

Used to LOVE this stuff! Do they still sell it?

Columbia House Records - I think I bought most of my tapes this way.

Loved Prince and Purple Rain - saw him in concert in 1985!

Pretty sneaky sis.

Johnny Appleseed

rotary phones

Wonder Twin powers activate!

The Muppet Show


Happy Days

The Neverending Story

Battlestar Galactica

Sesame Street

Candy Land

Underground to Canada book

6 Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman

Loved Grape Ape!

The Beta machine


Fozzie bear - love him!

Duran Duran - loved them. I was totally going to marry john Taylor lol

Loved my Cougar boots!