correct running form. hate the name of this website but great health and fitness advice.

Correct Running Form

Breathing correctly is so important in running! … #RunningTip

How to #Run Correctly

Get Moving!

Perfect Layering for Winter Workouts (Click for even more stay-warm tips for cold-weather workouts!) | via @SparkPeople #fitness #exercise #run

Running Running Running

5 stretches that will make you a faster runner.

Post-Run Stretching Sequence

Top 10 Benefits of Running [Infographic] : Living Green Magazine

8 things that will actually make running easier

10 Week Running Plan to Run Harder - Advanced Beginners Running Program (after completing Beginners Running Program in my Fitness board)

A post-run yoga routine that targets all the runner's sorest, tightest spots.

How to breathe while running and how to strengthen breathing muscles. Very informative!

4 easy steps to good running form.

running = running

What to eat (and not eat) before your run.

100 running songs to keep you going for miles! (this is a REALLY good list!)

Running Tips - really good tips.

4 week running-plan for non-runners or those trying to get back into running.

Train to run 5K in 8 weeks - an easy to follow program for all fitness levels. Print & Use.