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    Baby I do want YOU in the worst way!!! Sitting here alone again & thinking how wonderful it would be if U were here!! To feel your body against hands on U..caressing have U underneath body pressed into U..smelling your intoxicating fragrance..kissing U all over!! I ache baby..I ache for YOU!! I So need to love YOU!!!!***

    Yeah, shit get's real because I'd kick him in the shins! I liken being kissed on the neck to that feeling of being held down and tickled as a child, except having a prickly stubble face graze your neck is worse...and I'm big enough to fight that shit off!

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    Quote - 'The Best Kiss Is One That Has Been Exchanged A Thousand Between The Eyes Before It Reaches The Lips'


    I'm a bit against this whole possession-thing in a relationship. It seems sweet but the repercussions are not. How about something along the lines of "He held her like a trophy/ a precious metal/stone as if he'd held it against the light for the first time"

    One day I will make this come true until then I will kiss you whenever your around I love you sunshine

    Wish you would surprise me some time & do this....or let me do it to you...then take you!!!! Just be wild & crazy Baby!!! You better watch out if you ever let me loose!!! :-) you will be begging for mercy!! :-*:-*:-* I would make you very, VERY HAPPY BABY!!!!!! You would never let me go...And I wouldn't you either!!! I Love YOU!!!!!!!! I wish you were in my arms Baby!!!!!***

    So me.

    ..& I think one ot the worst feelings in the world is remembering kissing someone the last time without knowing it's the last time.

    but really though, like, no rush...take your time now... seriously now...

    My reply every time. :( of course but why would I let anyone in? To only judge or influence? Jus sayin

    true story.

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    Um, so true.

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    You kiss me with so much passion every time we kiss! I love kissing you FH! I have never had someone kiss me the way you kiss me! Simply Amazing! Mmmmm!!

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    The intimacy of the "almost touch" is often times more powerful than the touch itself