ONE AT A TIME.Crystal Staircase at the Swarovski store in Paris. Crystal beads glitter on these steps.

Shut the front door! I say this all the time!

to SHUT (sounds like the "u" in "up" or "but") = to close. Shut the door! Shut the window. Shut your mouth. Shut up! Shut off the radio. Shut down your computer.

This is a diamond covered BENZ.   Diamods are after all a girls best friend and next is the Benz, Why not have them both :) someone please place my order today

This diamond covered Mercedes might just make you blind if you are not wearing any sun glasses. Obviously, the diamonds are fake but it gives a pricless bling

Amazing “swarovski” stair design. - 31 Sparkling DIY Decoration Ideas To Jazz Up Your Life

31 Sparkling DIY Decoration Ideas To Jazz Up Your Life

think this should be the stairs to my basement!!

Swarovski crystal staircase, Champs Elysee, France - WOW - surely this stairway must lead to Heaven

swarovski | Swarovski Store in Tokyo.

Staircase in the Swarovski flagship store in Ginza (Tokyo), Japan by architect Tokujin Yoshioka

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Swarovski Crystal Staircases on the MSC Fantasia. GASP and SWOON! I can soooooo see me sashaying down this sparkling staircase!

DIY Glitter Covered Light Switch Cover

How to Make a Glitter Light Switch Cover Plate

love this sparkle light switch made out of glitter! what a fun craft to do with little girls, tweens or teens! Gonna try this!