A sailboat I got for two reasons.  Initially, I got this tattoo to constantly remind myself that no matter how rough the waters may get, to keep on sailing through life. You can’t know the future, so keep pushing through the present.Also, my grandfather is from Newfoundland and he recently passed away. This is also a tribute to his memory. I love you Poppy. Done by Jeff at Sakred Skinz in Ontario

The most delicate of sailboats

Anchor Tattoo

small airplane wrist tattoo

50 Cute Small Wrist Tattoos For Girls...if only I could get my dad to get the I love you with a hang loose one next to it

Golden Mean Temporary Tattoo ... This is an amazing Ratio 1:1.618... that describes the perfect balance and this can be found in, Nature, Beautiful Art ... It is amazing Math that I had no idea it existed. Wow wow wow behold this http://gracetomoregrace.com


Tiny sailboat collarbone tattoo.

I want my grandparents signatures on my upper inner forearms. They are two of the most inspirational people I've ever met, and I love them so dearly. And my grandma tells me how she wants a tattoo, so I want to get one for her :)

I LOVE A Softer World. A great idea. Inspired by asofterworld comic #421 Done by Vaughn Rosendale at Electric Tattoo in Maryland


this too shall pass

love the water color style tattoo, would be adorable with a silhouette of my dogs

Love this tattoo.....


Memorial tattoo ~ My Dad's last heartbeat and date he passed.

Small tattoo love(:

possible tattoo

Like this placement

Up tattoo

Best friend tattoo