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  • Sarah Shimon

    Mia Pearlman paper sculpture

  • Elsa Gondeck Silvia

    Mia Pearlman imitates weather patterns in her art. The artists says she works from an intuitive process, starting out with India ink drawings of loose lines and shapes. These become the contours of the clouds as she trims away negative space. “These cut paper pieces form the final installation, created on site by in a 2-3 day dance with chance and control. Existing only for the length of an exhibition..."

  • Kandice Dickinson

    ₪ Paper Art Potpourri ₪ Mia Perlman - "Tornado"

  • Oksana Petriv

    ” Tornado ” Cut Paper Installation by Mia Pearlman.

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Mia Pearlman paper sculpture

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