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Light pink, green and white is a classic color for a feminine home. Climbing garden roses.

Climbing Roses - Martha's Vineyard

Teasing Georgia. ~~ I marvel at roses. Every "programmed" detail, especially old country cabbage roses, their exquisite subtle nuances of colour, (colours seem to change with soil or weather changes). The designs, all SPEAK of a loving Creator. "He has made everything beautiful in it's time. He has even put Eternity in their heart; yet mankind will never find out the work that the true God has made from start to finish." Eccles. 3:11

  • sandpipersong

    Morgan, take a look at the world situation and think about it. The Bible predicted all of this. Satan is the "god" of this whole system. The reason he was permitted to exist was because he raised an issue in heaven that had to be answered in the heavenly courts. The little book will take you to appropriate scriptures to prove all this. "Why Has God Permitted Wickedness?" My e-mail: My family searched all their lives for the Truth. I understand your apprehension.

  • Morgan Nichols

    I understand that people spend whole lives trying to discover the truth but if the truth is sought after by so many and so many different results come from studying similar material it tells me the studied material is very general.

  • sandpipersong

    No, not general. God says that he has hidden the Truth from the "wise and intellectual ones and revealed it "to babes". Jesus chose his apostles from the lowliest of men. Jesus refused to do his miracles for the haughty Scribes and Pharisees who demanded certain miracles be performed. He did it for the humble ordinary people (teachable).

  • Morgan Nichols

    But that can be interpreted many ways. It is human nature to only see that which we wish to see. You might interpret that as the truth will not be revealed to scientists and other educated people but will be revealed to those that study the bible. Or you could also assume that is meant that those who study the bible are the "intellectuals". Do you see? A statement that can be misinterpreted is general.

  • sandpipersong

    Many types of people are humble in heart. Rich or poor, educated or not. We have all kinds of scientists and educated people in specialized fields, some featured in the Awake magazine. Jesus showed that rich ones would seldom listen. The don't want to put the Kingdom FIRST..

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"I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden." ~Ruth Stout

The vibrant pink of the flowers with the complementary green of the leaves make this photo very beautiful.

included: maidenhair fern on bottom left (I think that's the name) and olive branches (which are a silvery green on the underside)

Pink rose on a picket fence...wonderful.

roses, love climbing plants!

I love roses! That peach rose is especially beautiful! It looks like an English Garden Rose...