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country friends...I am not one for liking things with feathers...but I keep thinking the lamb is saying... I have this strange headache

Good Morning Sunshine! Crack of dawn every morning at least 6 of these crowing.

Chicken--so it originally said. I think yes, it is a chicken, but it is a hen chicken. ??

snow chickens... | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Dad built me a chicken house and I had 10 chickens. I would sit out in the yard with them and play, building "swimming pools" and hypnotizing them with a straight line!

Raising chickens, seeing their eggs hatch, feeling a warm fresh egg in my hands first thing in the morning is super amazing and humbling !

Mr. Rooster I needed such a fellow in my mental graphics library when I was taking Ruth Barth's classes. (Lucky me!) But he deserves a few ganglia even now.

Gives me the idea to plant greens for my chicks in a pallet. Maybe plants would grow and their roots would be protected from busy chicken feet stirring up the soil.

{impatient Judith} wants her blueberries now!

The Call Of The Chicken | Flickr - Photo Sharing!