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    • Liz Manners Keogh

      Dolley Madison...born in NC. wife of our 4th President James Madison...saved White House's historic Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington from certain destruction by advancing British troops during the War of 1812. Thomas Jefferson took charge of the entertaining details at the White House during his presidency, as his wife had died 18 years prior; whenever he had women dinner guests, he invited Dolley Madison (1768-1849), the wife of Secretary of State James Madison, as his escort.

    • Geisterportal

      Dolly Madison The wife of the our fourth President, James Madison, was known for being the last to leave a party -- something that carried over to her death, in which she apparently refuses to leave the White House. When Woodrow Wilson’s second wife Edith attempted to re-plant Dolley’s rose garden, Dolley’s ghost appeared and instructed the gardeners to stop at once. Today, Dolley still watches over her garden and is occasionally seen...

    • sheila mckenney

      Dolley Payne Todd Madison (May 20, 1768 – July 12, 1849) wife of James Madison, President of the United States from 1809 to 1817. Noted for her social gifts, which boosted her husband’s popularity as President, defining the role of the title First Lady. Dolley Madison also helped to furnish the newly constructed White House. When the British set fire to it in 1814, she was credited with saving the classic portrait of George Washington. In widowhood, she often lived in poverty.

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    Dolly Madison, wife of the fourth President of the United States, James Madison, and friend of the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Born in Greensboro, NC on May 20, 1768.

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    1840s Daguerreotype of Dolley Madison. It is so interesting that this is not a painting but an actual "photograph" of her.

    Dolley Madison embroidered gown back..but she was not just a pretty lady, she was a smart, accomplished woman. She returned to DC after her husband's death in 1817 & was the 1st woman to serve in the House of Representatives until her death at 81 years old. Juist amazing! President Taylor called her the "First Lady" for over half a century...the phase stuck and First Ladies became the norm...

    Dorothea Payne Todd Madison (Dolly Madison), unofficial First Lady to U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, and official First Lady to President James Madison. For half a century she was the most important woman in the social circles of America. To this day she remains one of the best known and best loved ladies of the White House.

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