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Squirrel. See Over 2500 more animal pictures on my Facebook "Animals Are Awesome" page. animals wildlife pictures nature fish birds photography

So, how do you do this snow angel thing again?

Cross my heart - if you put out the nuts, I'll only take one ...

☀White Squirrel by Life Lenses on Flickr (cc)*

~~Hallo I am here (Squirrel in the St. James Park London) by Bibi015~~

We always has these around mom's bird feeder. Always pigs. There was a .22 in the house for target practice. It was mean. But it is a memory of my father and brother, that are no longer with me.

This mama cat and all of her babies, adopted or not seem to be enjoying the day outside.

I want a black squirrel in my yard but I've never had one.

Sharing ... too cute! Sorry ~ Actually looks to me like the poor squirrel is gettin it on the nose, LOL!

I've already found all of the nuts & acorns I hid for the winter....I'm ready for Spring & all those tasty new plant roots & seeds! = )