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16 Tips for Wildlife Gardening with Kids

Working on the Daisy Flower Garden Journey? Here are some tips for making gardening with kids an educational, safe and enjoyable experience.

Attract Wildlife to Your Home - Create a Backyard Wildlife Habitat

After struggling with what to do with our little backyard for the last several years, I think I've finally found a solution. The main constraint for us is an oak tree that covers our entire yard wi.

Choosing What to Plant (with kids in mind) @communityplaythings

Carol Petrash offers simple guidelines for a bountiful harvest. Perfect for teachers who are inspired, but still developing a green thumb!

Garden activities for kids

These garden activities for kids will entice your children happily into the outdoors. Garden crafts for kids can enhance the experience of vegetable gardening by enabling kids to own their space.

The Secret to Long-Lasting Cut Hydrangea Blooms

The Secret to Long-Lasting Hydrangeas To prevent that “sticky stuff” from forming you need the secret ingredient-alum! (Find it in the spice aisle.) When you are arranging your flowers re-cut the stem and immediately stick the bottom of the stem in th

Grow the biggest plants EVER, with this secret family recipe!

You'll never guess the 4 Bizarre Ingredients that combine to make the best plant food, giving you the biggest and best plants on the block!

Celebrating Spring! Gardening songs - Carrots Are Orange

Spring Activities with Kids

PLANTS : gardening with kids - some tips, picture book ideas, and some gardening songs (pre-K -

The Balcony Gardener

The Balcony Gardener

This is what you can easily do since the old wood boxes are easy to find. Converted vintage wood box into beautiful container for flowers or vegetables on your balcony!

Gardening 4 Kids - gardening ideas for children and school gardens - gloves, tools, organic seeds, books

Gardening 4 Kids - gardening products and ideas for children and school gardens - gloves, tools, organic seeds, books

A Bed of Their Own

Kids' Gardening

Tips for Easy Gardening with Your Kids/ we are making some of these pots :)

Tips for Easy Gardening with Your Kids

10 Ways to Make Gardening More Fun for Kids: By maximizing the magic and minimizing the chores, our readers bring out the green thumb in their kids. Here are their best projects, tips, and activities.

Good tips for working on the Daisy Flower Garden Journey, here are tips for making gardening fun for young kids

Little Green Thumbs: crops for kids. A list of plants that grow fairly quickly and have large seeds that are easy to handle. Plus the vegetables taste great. get-smart-for-kids

Children love to learn and what better way to learn than outside in a vegetable garden.