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Pappy Ban Winkle 15 year. Smells hot and performs accordingly. There's some thick rye here and it's sour despite a lower rim finish. Good bourbon to warm you up on a cold night.

Early Times 354. Hot and oaky with a wide rim finish. Good for rye drinkers and cold nights.

The must-have bourbon for the home bar. Best cocktail bourbon anywhere. Sweet and yummy with nice vanilla flavors and a rush-to-the-tip finish. Mmmmm.

John Stetson - 84 proof, pot stilled. Warm and smooth. Like Maker's but rye based. Vanilla and caramel nose with even taste and rim finish. Nice sipping bourbon and serviceable in cocktails.

from Punchbowl

Triple Crown Cocktails

BOURBON SMASH - 1/2 cup fresh or frozen raspberries; 1 tbsp. sugar; 1 lime wedge; 3 mint leaves; 1/4 cup bourbon; Crushed ice - Chill a glass and place berries, sugar, lime and mint inside. Muddle the ingredients at the bottom. Fill the glass with ice and bourbon and stir.

from Cool Hunting

Widow Jane Whiskey

Widow Jane Whiskey - Kentucky bourbon from a Brooklyn distillery.. We found this in Sag Harbor, NY

After an evening of underwhelming Glenlivet scotch tasting, this bourbon knocked all of their collective argyle socks off.

Big Ass Bourbon - 90 proof - Under 2 years aged. Small Batch. Surprisingly smooth and sweet for under two years aged and 90 proof. Likely a wheat bourbon. Not as much caramel or vanilla tones as I prefer but damn smooth. Nice bourbon. Distilled in Indiana. Lovely name, of course.

This one will put hair on your chest. Formerly unfiltered. High proof, very oaky and warm. Not for the softer palates.