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    • Jason Falls

      Pappy Ban Winkle 15 year. Smells hot and performs accordingly. There's some thick rye here and it's sour despite a lower rim finish. Good bourbon to warm you up on a cold night.

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    Henry McKenna 10 year Single Barrel. 100 Proof. Nice oaky nose. Smooth start with high wood taste. Warm but not hot for a high proofer. Nice even finish and smoothness. Solid after burn but again, not overwhelming.

    Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10 year. 100 proof. Easy on the nose. Syrupy aroma. Has an immediate feel of a thick, heavy bourbon, but settles nicely. Strong wood flavors with sweet hints. Even burn and nice lingering warmth. Good belly burn to boot.

    Knob Creek - 9 year - 100 Proof Oaky nose, smells yummy. Equal taste with a slow swell of a burn but not enough to discard the tannins and woody flavor. This is as close to scotch as bourbon gets. Strong, warm, delicious.

    Colonel E. H. Taylor small batch. 100 Proof. No age statement. There's flavor there but if you ponder more than a second, the heat then burns the first layer of buds off your tongue. Holy hot, Batman.

    Johnny Drum private stock. 101 proof. Straight but no age statement. Light nose, almost sweet. Very abrupt heat but with sweetness! Syrupy caramels and vanillas top off a nice fire. Very, very good and cheap - $25 a bottle.

    Lost Prophet - 22 year aged, 91 proof. Smells hot. Firm taste, very warm and oaky. Quick side finish. Leather aftertaste. Not bad but not my style. Very grizzled drink.

    Larceny from Old Fitzgerald. 92 proof. Light and sweet nose. Very sweet and smooth on the tongue. Crisp rim finish. Lingering aftertaste that is lightly oaked, hints of vanilla. Warm belly after. Sweet and smooth overall. Well done.

    Not sure I've tasted anything so smooth and nice and warm and yum. As a neat, this is it. Jefferson's Presidential Select 18 year. 94 proof. Chris Freeman collection.

    Elijah Craig 23-year Single Barrel. 90 proof. Extremely hot nose. Milder taste. Very oaky. Warm and smooth. Nice vanilla hint. Rim finish with lasting warmth. Not as good as 18, so save several bucks. But quite nice as a novelty sip. I think Elijah's sweet spot is between 12 and 18. Older versions aren't as good. But still good.

    Big Ass Bourbon - 90 proof - Under 2 years aged. Small Batch. Surprisingly smooth and sweet for under two years aged and 90 proof. Likely a wheat bourbon. Not as much caramel or vanilla tones as I prefer but damn smooth. Nice bourbon. Distilled in Indiana. Lovely name, of course.

    Johnny Drum Private Stock - 101 proof - warm charcoal aroma and strong, almost medicine flavor. Caramel hints that quickly move to the rim for a nice finish. Warm and flavorful. Sipper.

    Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage. 86.6 proof. This one barreled in 2004 and bottled in 2013. Warm oaky nose. Smells hot but sweet and flavorful. Tastes much more strong than 86 proof. Sweetness is overpowered by an even burn. After tastes of vanilla and an almost barley flavor. Nice to sip on. But more hot than I'd prefer in a lower proof. Tastes 90+.

    Four Roses Small Batch - 90 proof - Sweet vanilla nose and smooth, warm taste with sweet accents. Mid- rim finish but after a seemingly even tingle, giving it an after kick that's nice. Strong in the belly. Very serviceable.

    John Stetson - 84 proof, pot stilled. Warm and smooth. Like Maker's but rye based. Vanilla and caramel nose with even taste and rim finish. Nice sipping bourbon and serviceable in cocktails.

    Elijah Craig 21-year single barrel. Hot nose with a vanilla hint. Vanilla and caramel flavored that just sit on the tongue. Nice rim flash on the finish but one that settles in to a nice warmth. Yummy yummy!!

    JTS Brown 100 proof. Noteable for being Paul Newman's bourbon in The Hustler. Oaky and hot on the nose, delicious caramel splash on first taste that immediately explodes from front to back. Like setting a fire on your tongue, but one that has flavor. If you like em hot, you'll love this.

    WhistlePig Straight Rye - 100 proof - Vermont whiskey. Strong vanilla and caramel nose with a strong rye bite to the taste. Big front finish with a slight warm crawl backward. Flavorful for a 100-proofer. Warm and welcoming to the belly. I hear this is rare to out of circulation. Sad. It's good.

    High West Whiskey - Utah-based blended - Sweet nose with nice vanilla hint. Warm full tongue flavor. Hard rim burn. Rye really comes out hard. Flavorful aftertaste. Good but harsh. Cut it. 92 proof.

    Old Weller Antique - 107 proof - Shockingly smooth for such a high proof whiskey. Wheat based mash which accounts for the lack of sour. Very smooth finish with even warmth. Side finish. Hints of caramel.

    Great starter bourbon. Butterscotch hints and vanilla accents. Crescendo finish that slowly moves to the tip. Lasting flavor and warmth. Awesome for mixing!

    Eagle Rare - 90 proof - one of my favorites. Winter night sipping bourbon, strong oak nose and flavor. Smooth taste and wide tip finish, but not fast.

    Do not drink this.

    Bernheim Original wheat whiskey - 90 proof - warm and smooth. Hints of grains. Light citrus and char.

    Ranger Creek - 96 proof - Hot but even rim finish with vanilla and honey hints. Great cold weather drink.

    Willett 94 proof - beautiful bottle - Oaky warmth. Strong but not overly hot. Very good.