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There's nothing more sexy to me than a well-dressed man, one who knows his own mind, can speak and write eloquently, is respectful and appreciates a woman's intelligence as much as her beauty... It helps if he has rhythm and loves to dance & will listen when a woman speaks!

I used to make fun of my sister for watching this show but then I got hooked and now I'm a hypocrite!!

"The Fasting And The Furious" GOSSIP GIRL Pictured Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass PHOTO CREDIT: GIOVANNI RUFINO/Warner Brothers ©2011 THE CW NETWORK. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Ahhhhh Chuck Bass. Marry me. For you, Mollisha.

Ed Westwick.. More like Ed sex on a stick!! Hahaha the comment from the previous Pinner killed me!

i might just start pinning a new picture of chuck bass everyday. it would make my day better, that's for sure.