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    #LOTR infographic comparing with #HarryPotter - similarities are amazing! Feel free to share

    Artisanal Publishing - top ten reasons to self-publish

    College Isn't Cheap - family income grew by 182% since 1982 while the cost of college grew 440%; median income of college graduate is $6,000 less than a cashier at McDonald's; most high school students should avoid college but pursue better options for training and experience

    Guide to Understanding the Introverted

    Daily Social Media Checklist for Businesses

    Is the Minimum Wage Too Low? Minimum wage should be tied to unemployment rate and tax rates should be tied to GDP rate so that employers pay higher wages when unemployment is low and everybody pays lower taxes when economy is weak (and vice versa on both). Get it done once so that we don't have to depend on the self-serving morons in congress to take action quickly as conditions change.

    Myers-Briggs Type and Social Media - As you might expect, extroverts are more active Facebook users than introverts and feelers are more active than thinkers. However thinkers are more active LinkedIn users than feelers--and probably have something worth saying! ;-)

    Clocking in from the Couch - 10% of us telecommute at least once per week while 4.3% work primarily from home; employers benefit from employees using some of the commute time to do more work while employees benefit from using the remaining time recovered to relax or spend with family or friends

    Extending Middle-Class Tax Cuts - has anybody seen a similar infographic or explanation on why this is not a good idea?

    Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) - Do you care or do you just fear being left out of the loop? Do you regularly monitor your text messages, Facebook, and/or Twitter because you want to avoid appearing ignorant? Are you looking at your phone when you should be relating to those around you? Are you overwhelmed by all the information coming at you, but can't stop for fear of missing out?

    Building an Engaged Audience - Blogs (and books) use highly valued content to attract and keep readers; since 80% of readers will not read all of it then put the most important information first; since most people scan rather than read then use callouts such as bulleted lists

    Maximizing Millennials - by 2020 46% of workers will be millennials (born between 1976 and 2001); 33% value social media freedom more than salary

    Breakdown of Google Search Results - which social media sites to use to improve your brand's search results

    Current State of Social Networks - rankings based on fastest growing, highest percentage of women, highest percentage of men, and more

    Social TV Chart - shows with most social media activity - if all you watch is the opening ceremony for the Olympics then are you really supporting the athletes? if the show with the most activity on the SyFy network is WWE wrestling then how long will it be before it is renamed the Sissy network?

    Etsy MBA - Turning Artists into Entrepreneurs - Etsy brings together a large community of enthusiasts, helps them do something they would like to do, and earns a small fee for their services. Provide value to earn compensation

    Social Impact of Olympic Brand Campaigns -2008 versus 2012 - The internet enables digital entities to expand on an exponential scale, far beyond what individual humans are capable of

    Is Bigger Always Better? The Power of Text Message Marketing - 98% of text messages are read while 84% of Facebook news feed stories aren’t viewed, 71% of tweets get ignored, and 88% of emails go unopened

    How to Get More Likes, Comments, and Shares on Facebook - post a photo at 6:03PM on Saturday or Sunday with a comment referring to yourself that is either very positive or very negative

    The Cost of Being Batman - could one person actually develop the skill set needed to be Batman?

    The Importance Of A Fan Base - see list at bottom for steps to growing a fan base (while it is simple, it also is difficult)

    9 Steps to Better Conversions - process could be applied to any situation where you need to do a better job of giving your customers or readers want they want

    Happy Campers: Customer Satisfaction & What it Means for Your Business - every important person in our lives is a "customer"; see section at bottom for ways to improve the satisfaction of all the important people in your life

    Got Klout? Measure and Increase your Brand’s Online Influence - See bottom section on increasing your Klout or influence--good tactics for any author or other brand

    The Viral Marketing Cheat Sheet Guidance for creating marketing that people want to share--and applicable to creating content people want to share too