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    ha ha!! So true! :)

    You know you are latino if you celebrate Christmas on the 24th and not the 25th. My husband never liked the idea but my kids loved it.


    You: I'm bored. Your mom: CLEAN THE HOUSE. | 26 Problems Only Latinas Will Understand

    Lol true

    Lol every time

    I AM LATINA I CAN'T KEEP CALM - KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON Image Generator - brought to you by the Ministry of Information

    All the time when I was younger

    cumbias, banda, vallenato, cha-cha, boogaloo, norteñas too… Oh and if you listen to Freestyle and Latin Rock too… Hip-Hop, Oldies, Spanish Rock, boleros, baladas, romanticas… la lista nunca termina

    Why is this so true!!?!?

    my dad!



    every time i try to sleep in the dark!

    Why IS it that Hispanics use their kids' cumpleaños to get their drink on?

    Hahahaha yesss

    So true.....that is soooo me

    This Is Surprisingly Accurate

    Not just Mexican moms… ALL Latina moms! lol seems that eating "healthy" in the Hispanic community means eating "hearty"… AND IF u happen to leave a lil bit uneaten on your plato… then it's "Que, No te gusto la comida?" lol