• stephanie annes

    The lovely DLB's Flag Nor Fail brand. Wish the prices were lower... Little bit pricey for just another shirt to lift in.

  • Angelica Franco

    my all time favorite Flag Nor Fail shirt <3 FNF

  • Jonathan July

    Men's Hand Printed Lime BURY THE DEAD T-Shirt

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fit life: Photo

IFBB Pro Lyndsey Beattie posing class

soft look for bikin, not alot of muscle look. fml... sucks for my quads lol.. stay classy dont stick your ass to far.. lol.. i love the tips tho ^^. love the bunny pop tif does at the end of her pose !! taking it!

front/ back// 3-5 poses ..10 -15 sec on stage.. better make a impression! dont wear bikini bottoms straps straight .. just a little V, not to much.. makes you have a smaller waist. take pics/vids of posing see what looks good on you.. dont just copy others. move into your pose.. haha do a little dance i love that!! lol amanda is funny.. backs not a big deal dont have to move hair.. lift butt twist! screw crossing dont want to fall lol..

Kai green and DLB my two favorites together ♥ #Legends

Beautiful physique!


reasons to be fit


Ella Anne Kociuba is such a badass!!!

So sweet and down to earth ♥ DLB

DLB and THE Kevin English!!

DLB Work Hustle Kill

When the time comes there will not be enough people to bury the dead.

#FNF Hand Printed Limited Clothing Line

Big Rob! #FNF


Flag Nor Fail


The Best of the Best! #Hero

#GirlCrush #Delts

Monica and Erin! #Icons

Dana Linn Bailey / Vanessa Tib