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    For the FROZEN fans - a Magic Foaming Olaf! Make Olaf out of Foaming Dough then melt him down to a frothy ice cold foam. You can use more dough to make him again! Lots of silly fun! From Fun at Home with Kids

    Watch water turn to ice before your eyes! So cool! Such a fun science experiment

    Ice volcanoes are easy to make and a fun science and play activity for kids of any age.

    Frozen - Make a Frozen Olaf using 2 ingredients for sensory play! This is such a fun kids activities with your child's favorite disney character!

    Fun craft! Olaf mugs!:)

    Ice Cream Playdough | The Science Behind the Dough. Simple Experiment testing several recipes! GREAT SCIENCE EXPERIMENT!

    I love snowmen and am so excited that my 2 year old seems to share this love. Snowmen are great because they aren't attached to one religious tradition or specific culture. This craft is a easy and relatively mess free way to add sparkles to your holiday decor. Have fun making this snowman craft

    A new recipe for a Borax-Free Gak "Dough" - using items you have around your house. From Fun at Home with Kids

    {New Recipe} Foaming Dough you can use to make Magic Foaming Snowman that "melt" into an icy puddle of frothy foam! From Fun at Home with Kids

    Frozen Olaf Paint- this paint is icy cold and dries puffy; the perfect recipe for painting Olaf

    How to make sand foam dough, a dough recipe that fizzles, pops, bubbles, and foams like you wouldn't believe!

    Snowman play dough kit

    Amazing two ingredient ice cream dough for fabulously fun sensory play- it's cold and looks just like ice cream! (Such a fun way for kids to keep cool this Summer)

    Toddler Approved!: Painting on Ice

    Do you want to build a snowman? This easy to make toy allows kids to build Olaf over & over again. Stick & re-stick for endless fun! {#Frozen fun for kids}

    Make Your Own Frozen Snow {Recipe for Play} It's cold, squishy, mold-able, and magical; A must try recipe for kids who love the movie Frozen!

    Melted Snowman Art: Isn't that just the cutest idea ever??!

    Dress the Snowman Game - First team to dress up their snowman and get them to the finish line with the "least amount of melting" wins!

    shaving cream and glue-Fun project

    Recipe for an ultra fun and stretchy Polka Dot Slime! Fun at Home with Kids

    Olaf snowmen art project Bulletin Board from the movie #Frozen.