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Sorting Colored Flowers Tot Tray

Love this website where the mom creates different projects in a tray for her toddler for "Tot School".

Threading buttons on pipe cleaners: fine motor, sorting, & matching skills

Love the christmas light match

Creative Curriculum Objectives: 27, 28 Have students sort object pictures by color. Discuss the different colors and how many objects of each color were found. Create a collage for each color or have the student think of another object that could be each color and create a drawing.

Color Sorting #tottray using pompoms and child chopsticks

Counting Tot Tray with Learning Links

Color of the Week Series from Play Create Explore. 11 Weeks of Color Themed Activities and Sensory Bins! {Great idea for Tot School this Summer or Fall}!

Flower Alphabet Puzzles (from Childcareland)...can do with numbers/math problems

Chakra kleuren......Busy Bags - Color Sorting Flower with Tweezers - Color Sorting Busy Bags for Preschoolers - Fine Motor

preschool math flower counting

14 fun flower activities collage for preschoolers by Teach Preschoolers

KELS MK 2.1 3.2 Toddler Preschool - This shape sorting game is excellent for shape recognition. It can also be done with number, shapes, etc.

The Princess and the Tot: Rainbow Fish Trays

Here is a letter matching activity we did in the classroom last week in my 3 year-old classes. It was great for letter recognition and matching. Can also use numbers...

This shows math, but can be the start of word sort practice. Change with seasons, holidays, etc.

Time For Preschool!

5 Water Transfer Tot Trays

Color Sorting

.Love this simple activity to teach color, matching and fine motor. could have other applications as well, such as letter and number recognition.

Letter Matching - Nice for Spring. At this time of the year I would use it as an alphabet sort for sight words.