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Montessori at Home! Giveaway & Discount

Montessori At Home Review

from Thinking Kids

Big Bible Science: Experiment and Explore God's World by Erin Lee Green

Big Bible Science by Erin Lee Green ~ Giveaway ends 6/24/16


A Light for My Path ~ Review & Giveaway

A Light for My Path Book Review


Science IS Fun

Science is FUN with The Curious Kid's Science Book! Loads of fun explorations and experiments for kids ages 4-8.

from What Do We Do All Day

8 Science YouTube Channels for Kids

8 Science youtube channels for kids. Learn at home or school.

from What Do We Do All Day

8 Science YouTube Channels for Kids

❤Baby Love❤ ~Modern kids watch YouTube. Make it educational. 8 Science youtube channels for kids


Lessontrek ~ Review

Lessontrek Online Homeschool Planner Review


ImaginativeU ~ Monthly FUN

ImaginativeU Review

from Inner Child Fun

Simple Activities for Little Engineers

8 Inspiring Activities for Future Engineers Insect Craft

from iGameMom

8 Fascinating Egg Science Experiments for Kids

8 fascinating egg science experiments for kids, easy to do at home in the kitchen, also good for science fairs.

from Homeschool Creations

EEME Project Genius Light Review

Project Genius Light Review from EEME

from BuzzFeed

35 Science Experiments That Are Basically Magic

Fireworks in a jar! Summer science will be all the rage with the kids, and a perfect activity for rainy days.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

5th Grade Science Weekly Vocabulary Activities, Writing Extensions, More

27 SCIENCE TEST PREPARATION VOCABULARY LESSONS TO HELP PREPARE YOUR STUDENT FOR THEIR 5TH GRADE SCIENCE STANDARDIZED TEST! Each lesson contains vocabulary segregated into the national science standards and includes a vocabulary review, along with differentiated projects and bonus questions. This product can be used for introduction, review or intervention of the important vocabulary needed to pass their exam.

from Fantastic Fun & Learning

Marshmallow Science Experiment

Marshmallow Science Experiment...what happens to marshmallows in different liquids

from Fantastic Fun & Learning

How to Make a Rock with Kids

Make a Rock...simple science activity for kids

from Fantastic Fun & Learning

Fun Taste Test Science Experiments for Kids

Learn about the five senses and investigate different types of food with these creative taste test science experiments for kids.

from One Time Through

Wonder-Full: 8 Ways to Help Young Kids LOVE SCIENCE

How do we get our kids to WONDER? To question WHY and HOW things are the way they are? SCIENCE!!! Find 8 great tips that you can start using TODAY to raise your future SCIENTIST! {One Time Through}

from Fantastic Fun & Learning

Lollipop Lab~Flavor Mixing Science Experiment for Kids

Lollipop Lab Flavor Mixing Science Experiment and Taste Test for Kids~This was part 3 of our lollipop activities. The kids LOVED mixing up their own lollipop flavor recipes. And they tasted GREAT, too!