Bones are for support

awesome music video teaching about bones and some of their functions

seven thirty three - - - a creative blog: Build A Robot Preschool Game

Pre-K SCIENCE: Skeletons and Bones! Cotton swabs on felt. (+ other boney activities)

Cloud Art Inspired By Eric Carle - so adorable! #preschool #kidscrafts (repinned by Super Simple Songs)

Teaching Kids about PEACE - This is a lesson where you trace your children's hands on flags from around the world, cut them out and make a wreath. PRINTABLE!

Great link to a cute DIY preschool board. I love how it can close up and doesn't make your home look like a classroom all the time :) great for homeschooling

Spelling tray--- I LOVE this idea! Great for kids learning how to spell & even older ones to practice spelling words!!

Skeletal and Muscular Systems Lessons <----Such a great list of different lessons for the skeletal system.

Excellent fine motor activity for the beginning of the school year!! Definitely adding it to my lesson plans...titled "Everything Apples"

Free dental printables

zekers, 5. Paper and q-tip skeleton. #kidsart #artmykidmade

Free printable of adorable octopus math craft. Chipman's Corner Preschool: O is for Octopus Math

Anatomy - Crafts to Support Learning

Preschool The 5 Senses Worksheets: My Five Senses Match-Up Worksheet

Traffic Light Craft & Song (from Preschool Ideas For 2 Year Olds) song is in March 2013 Twinkle, Twinkle, Traffiic Light Shining on the corner bright! When it's red it's Stop Stop Stop When it's yellow it's Slow, Slow, Slow When it's green it's Go! Go! Go! Twinkle twinkle traffic light.

Snippets ... it's the little things.: Preschool Corner: XYZ ... the End.

printable shopping cart - use local market sales ads to search for healthy foods