20 Simple Toddler Activities: engaging and occupying toddlers - This Reading Mama

1 year old activities for busy babies!

easy art projects for toddlers

I think this is one of the best toddler activity idea websites I've ever found. The ideas are simple, educational and allow for creative exploration of the child's own world. Highly recommend.

40+ Activities for 2 Year Olds (lots of good ideas for all age groups)

Simple to make and fun to play, your toddler will love these busy bag activity ideas.

These activities are perfect if you are cooking tea, feeding a baby, feeling ill yourself or simply want to dry your hair without having a toddler attached to you. The activities are low mess, quick to set up whilst promoting independent play.

50+ activities for baby/toddler!

10 Fun and Simple Activities for one year olds. An awesome list of simple and fun activities for young toddlers. Minimal preparation and maximum fun for little ones!

Montessori activities for toddlers

20 colour activities for babies and toddlers | BabyCentre Blog. Show cutsy and Gino to try for destiny!

Married Mama Melissa: 18 - 24 Month Toddler "Curriculum"

20 1 Year Old Activities with Pom Poms

Lots of energy burning activities -- physical activities for toddlers

DIY montessori toddler activities

By far, the best toddler activity list I've ever seen. We're starting tomorrow! 40 Ways to Distract a Toddler

Married Mama Melissa: 18 - 24 Month Toddler "Curriculum"

8 Invitations to Play for Toddlers. Toddler Activities (many suitable for babies and older kids as well)

Toddler activities

Toddler "Busy Bag" Swap. Great for winter, restaurants, waiting rooms, car rides, plane trips. 20 activities including this popsicle stick puzzle!

15 Simple Toddler Activities – using everyday materials