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Obama's gay lifestyle.. listen to this radio program about his lifestyle... a fake all the way... and America elected him TWICE!

Hillary Desperate To Wipe This Video From The Internet – See It Before It’s Deleted | | Mr. Conservative is the top website for news, political cartoons, breaking news, republican election news, conservative facts and commentary on political elections

Hitler said it, now the REPUBLICANS are saying it, too! I wonder why... Wisconsin, and several other right-wing states, is a "Right to Work" state. Right to Work laws reduce workers' rights and takes away their right to strike.


All the sheeple care about is, "What's in it for me, I want my free money." They couldn't give a crap about politics, Just give me my welfare and Obamaphone...THAT is why they voted for him. Something drastic must be done to impeach this source of evil.

TomCat aka Angry Tom on

WSJ: The more we learn, the more Benghazi looks like a gross security failure... and HILLARY and OBAMA.....KNEW....from the beginning that it was a TERRORIST ATTACK!!!!! And, they LIED...and LIED....and LIED....and LIED....and OBAMA is STILL LYING......|

LJPhillips on

Please no! The US will go right down the toilet if Hillary get to the run the country for another 4 or 8 years. She shouldn't be allowed to run period as she ran the county when wild bill was out screwing every skirt he could find.

DeplorableRevSondrup on

Michelle Obama presents Oscar for movie about the successful rescue of 6 Americans in 1979 Iran. How about a movie about your husband's "rescue" of Americans in Benghazi? -- How would that go, Michelle? only if we make 1 about every embassy death.

Alex Wilson ن on

(Kinda funny!! I have three email accounts maybe I can be her vice!!) After over six years of the administration, the administration has receded into a quaint memory of a horny old guy chasing skirts as much as possible but this has brought back all of...