can't wait!

I just finished The Hunger Games series. How am I supossed to live now?

ugh the wait!!!

Finally, someone points this out!

Hunger Games

Wait...what??? For real? I just can't even...WHAT?

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Pendant Watch Necklace

"You love me. Real or not real?" "Real." --The Hunger Games (Mockingjay), by Suzanne Collins #Katniss #Peeta #love #book #quote

Hunger games!

Keep Calm

Tomorrow... <3

How can you keep calm?! I can't wait!!!


Cannot wait for the hunger games, I freeze and stare at the tv like a 4 year old anytime the trailer comes on.

How excited am I for "The Hunger Games"? Too excited.

Can't wait for the Hunger Games to come out! :D


I workout just in case I get reaped into the hunger games.

Keep Calm

Ahhh! Can't wait! :)