How to correctly store produce, from Apples to Zucchini. Most of your produce will last weeks longer.

How to store your produce.

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Veggie cooking tips

How to CORRECTLY boil an egg to perfection.

A Pinner said: one of the most useful things I learned in culinary school was how to cut melon...repinning for those people who still don't know how! I started cutting my watermelon this way and no longer dread it!

Kitchen Cheat Sheet for the UK by everest: All the bits of interesting info you need when cooking such as metric conversions, cooking times, freezer storage etc. It also has very handy A4 download and print sheets which can be stuck to the fridge and are great for teaching kids too. You can download those here: #Food #Cooking #Infographic

These are Vietnamese pickled veg. for topping sandwiches or just munching... too good!

Freeze avocados once theyre ripe! Great for when they go on sale, or when you need an avocado and theyre all too firm at the store. They keep for MONTHS this way! Who knew? - Click for Recipe

Frugal Kitchen Tip: How to keep Strawberries (and other berries too!) fresh longer!

how to store fruits and veggies so they won't rot

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Kitchen Measurements Free Printable Cupboard Cheat Sheet

How to Freeze Produce

How to Pick Out a Perfect Avocado - I'll have to remember this when grocery shopping!

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Homemade Refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles ~ Love these and they are so, so, easy to make!

Is this ripe? Help deciding how to buy your fruit!

Crock pot apple butter I definitely want to do this one.