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Easiest Design Transfer Method You'll Ever Find

Easiest Design Transfer Method You’ll Ever Find - I'm using this on my painted talavera pots.

DIY Image Transfer to Wood

Ok!!! THIS IS THE BEST TECHNIQUE!! I Need to buy clear acrylic Gel Medium at craft store (oil/acrylic paint, not craft paint section) Really neat technique to transfer printed images to wood. This would be great to make some inexpensive Christmas gifts!

Put the newspaper over the dirt 3-4 pages thick and then covered it with mulch. The newspaper will prevent any grass and weed seeds from germinating, but unlike fabric, it will decompose after about 18 months. By that time, any grass and weed seeds that were present in the soil on planting will be dead. It’s green, it’s cheaper than fabric, and when you decide to remove or redesign the bed later on, you will not have the headache you would with fabric. (Wanna Try)

DIY: Recycled Newspaper Yarn You will need: * Scissors * Newspaper * Spindle 1) Take a full sheet of your paper and fold in to fourths. 2) Cut half inch strips along the width of this folded paper. 3) Create a “lead” with your first strip by twisting it up tightly with your fingers. 4) Wrap the lead around the base of your spindle to begin the process. 5) Use the spindle to twist on more strips in the same direction. Leave 4 inches at the end to splice the next strip in. Continue until…