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The old A & P grocery...

A & P Grocery Stores

I remember: Mr Whipple... please don't squeeze the CHARMIN

Lerner Shops, Brooklyn, NYC, New York Historic 1930s Photo

A little dab'll do ya

Remember the key on top of the Crisco tin

Montgomery Ward

A advertisement 1971

.....A Supermarkets...Oh do I really remember A is where my mom worked when I was growing up..I stayed with my aunt and Grandparents while she worked and we would sometimes go to the store and wait for her to get off...so many Good memories!!!!

Dr. Scholl's 'Original' Sandal | Nordstrom

I remember these!

transistor radio

I remember..

l remember

I remember these!

paddle ball set from the dime store - we played with these until the plastic strings broke -

everyone I knew as a kid had one of these nasty things!

A fixture in our bathroom!

I remember these windows!

Crane Scissors - Moorea Seal

Remember when they'd drop a pearl in the bottle?