I don't trip. I do random gravity checks. #lolsotrue #gravity #fallingdown #humor #funny

My poor phone

Science humor hahaha

Hahaha! True!

Lolsotrue- i will never look at it the same again... That is soo weird it toook me a minute to get but I understand now...

Haha yah awkward


Taking a sip of a favorite drink / iFunny :) I'm curious as to if this will play on pinterest. If it didn't, sorry!!

Teenager Post

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Most Awkward Moments.

it just happens so much cause i laugh all the time even when things aren't funny.


My life!

And the worst is when we both know I did that, and it's super awkward...

I can't stop laughing. Idk why this is so funny!

That awkward moment...

Soap for Awkward Moments