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Parent's Valentines Gift--Behind the scenes: Mrs. Gloudemans' Class: Valentines

"Although I keep growing one inch at a time, I will always be your Valentine!" Place a piece of magnet tape on the back of a foam hand cutout. (The Dollar Tree has foam paper in a 20 sheet pack!)

Use little finger and thumb prints to make this heart-shaped tree. It would be really cute to use the fingerprints of everyone in the family on one tree.

Valentine's Day student gift (editable)!

Using this I have..Who has... game, students will have fun listening for clues all related to Valentine's Day. There are a total of 24 cards, direc...

Card Crafts From Pinterest | Simple Kid’s/Teacher’s Valentine’s Day Crafts on Pinterest

Since Valentine's Day is all about LOVE . . . here's a little writing activity you can do with your kiddos to find out what they really LOVE

I do this each year in my own classroom by giving each student 10 or 12 random hearts (they can swap if they want) and let students write their own Valentine letter based on their heart candies. Kids have loved it for 15 years. lmg