lol... no really!!

True blood

True Blood

All you really need to know is that Eric was reading naked on a frozen mountain in Sweden.

True Blood Love

Best. Quote. Ever. #TrueBlood

First of all it's not only from True Blood, it's Pam from True Blood, so it's great to begin with. But then I read the quote and... LOVE. I can relate lol. Pam. True Blood

true blood

ahhhh need some true blood back in my life!

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True Blood Quotes


the vampires don't sparkle, for one. which makes it ten times better right from the start.

True Blood

True Blood

Words to live by- RING, RING, hookah. Ring, Ring. -Lafayette, True Blood

True Blood

I Swear...Hotter and Hotter EVERY Season!!!!!!

True Blood Complete DVD Series $129

Pam (Trueblood)