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raccoons are so funny and amazingly adaptable ... one of the survivor species for sure!

Raccoons Tenderness by TheNatureDude*

If they were always like "I am adorable and sweet and kind" then raccoons would be the shit! Instead they say "fuck you. I eat what I want and piss/shit where I want - even of that's in your attic" They are adorable though.

Raccoon...we have one that is coming to our feeders at night...put some corn out for the cute little guy!

Raccoon's are adorable, if you don't want them in your trash leave out cat food, believe me they like it and don't cause problems because guess what fokes THEY AREN'T HUNGRY IF YOU FEED THEM!

raccoons: masked cuteness when they aren't in the garbage or threatening the dog

We have a raccoon family living in one of our trees.

Baby Raccoon -- I had a pet baby raccoon when I was 4 -- "Bandi". I dressed her in doll clothes & gave her rides in my doll buggy; she drank milk from a doll bottle; & we taught her to pick our pockets (after we filled them w/ treats). Then one day she heard the call-of-the-wild; & I never saw her again. ♥

baby raccoon: I had a family of raccoons that lived on my back porch (yes, I let them) until the babies grew old enough to wander off. They talk with their mother with the coolest trilling noise. I loved to listen to it. When I got my retired show queen breeder Oriental shorthair cat & her last baby, they talked almost exactly the same!!!

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