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    • Marine Pontes

      Weighted Lunges makes my butt round and firm, but you gotta do it with way more havier weights than the picture! I can do with 30lbs in each hand.

    • Cindy Walker

      Weekly Challenge: Booty Murder! 1000 Lunges. Crackin' The Whip & Giving Away Undies! | Fit Villains: Selfish, Shameless, Sassy, Fitness.

    • Nancy Caudill - Ortiz

      Michelle Obama's Body Shaping Workout // Dumbbell lunge. You have to admit, the first woman's got killer tri and biceps.

    • Trisher Sweets

      QUADS & GLUTES: Dumbbell Lunges work primarily the butt and quads, hamstrings as secondary. 1. Holding dumbbells at sides, stand upright with feet slightly less than shoulder width apart. 2. Step forward about 2 feet with one foot and bend knee to about 90 degrees. As you plant your foot bend trailing knee so it nearly touches floor. 3. Push off with front foot to return to starting position. 4. Repeat for the desired number of reps and change legs.

    • Michelle Geer

      One of my many workouts at the gym- The Weighted Lunge

    • Callie Griffin

      (1. Wide stance dumbbell squats) 2. Dumbbell lunges

    • Marta Lidia Santiago

      Squat Exercises for Women | Trend Fashion Designer

    • Emily Vos

      #health #fitness #exercise

    • k davis

      dumbell lunges

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    Morning workout... Will I actually try this one?

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    I'm going to try this workout at the gym tomorrow. Except move 9. That's just nuts. I saw a guy doing it the other day, and it's still nuts.

    Crescent lunge with reverse prayer arm. A great precursor to the forearm stans.

    www.wholeliving.c... Lower Body: Step-Up Backward Lunge Step forward into a lunge on the left leg, then step forward (or up onto a stair) with the right. Pull the left knee up and hold for a few seconds. Lower the left foot (off the step), then step back with the right leg into a deep lunge. Alternate (10 reps per leg) for a total of about 1 minute.

    A short and sweet workout you can do anytime. I really like these types of workouts. :)