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    • Monica Bergler

      Square foot gardening is a great way to garden in a small space. It's also great for beginning gardeners who often make the mistake of starting too big the first year. compact vegetable garden

    • Ana Panier

      Great for small spaces, to get more in! Small Garden Box with Easy-to-Grow Vegetables

    • Sarah Kocurek

      Good DIY vegetable garden idea for small spaces. (fun to do with the kids)

    • Christen Phillips

      Plant a compact veggie garden Box gardens that are specially tailored made to fit the healthy needs of the gardener. Good for small spaces!

    • Vee B.

      Plant a compact vegetable garden; 4X4 garden box divided into 16 squares; square foot gardening.

    • Krista Blalock

      Easy Vegetable Garden layout using square foot gardening

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