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Buy a journal and post it flags. Mark tests, essays, hectic days, and finals.

Almost like a different take on Cornell notes - questions on colourful sticky notes instead of a space-wasting left margin! I love it! ||| student, study, school, note, notebook, lecture, textbook

Using a syllabus the right way. Be sure to check out this study skill before heading back to school this fall!

7 Free Apps That Make College Life Easier (grad school, too). Pin now read later gonna need this later

Because I don't already know these...

How to stop procrastinating and start getting more work done

The Only Resume Cheat Sheet You Will Ever Need - By David Mielach #Bussiness #Tips

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Summer List by blog.landofnod: The best part is most of the activities are free or inexpensive and take little- to no preparation. There are activities for indoor activities and all of the food items are kid friendly cooking activities. Print it post it on your refrigerator and you'll be ready for summer! #Kids_Activites #Summer

Index card holders are really great for making cute revision notes.

note-spiration. Rewrite notes after the scribblings from class to re-organise, revise, and study them

Study tips for middle and high school students.

I love this! Now I can't stop making my icons original! Customize your iPhone icons and make it prettier---and completely unique! IT WORKS!!

Textbook part 1

Tips on How to Organize your To Do Lists + Links to Free Weekly To Do List and The Big List Printables

10 job-hunting tips | "The best thing my dad ever taught me about interviewing was that the interviewers want to hire you. They want to be done with the search. And they want you to be the one."

Organize your day. All-in-one.

Top 10 Study Tips: Know your tasks: organize your study material and schedule so you know exactly what chapters or lectures you need to review. ...