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The Only Resume Cheat Sheet You Will Ever Need - By David Mielach #Bussiness #Tips

Buy a journal and post it flags. Mark tests, essays, hectic days, and finals.

Study tips for middle and high school students.

Index card holders are really great for making cute revision notes.

Almost like a different take on Cornell notes - questions on colourful sticky notes instead of a space-wasting left margin! I love it! ||| student, study, school, note, notebook, lecture, textbook

100 Things to do in Summer checklist. Option: Print this and cut out all the options and put them in a "summer bucket list" bucket to draw one a day.

7 Free Apps That Make College Life Easier (grad school, too). Pin now read later gonna need this later

Textbook part 1

Cardigans and Chai: my FAVORITE Study Method

SelfControl. You can block email, Facebook, and Twitter while you study while you still have access to the rest of the web. This is the niftiest thing!

23 Science-Backed Study Tips to Ace a Test

A Chic Lifestyle - Mentoring Students to Think & Achieve BIG: How to get an A* - (Without Going Insane. Or Breaking a Nail. Mostly) What I did (in Month 1)

Organize, Please... Finals Week!

Great tips: for studying for exams ... (Pin now read later)

Study tips

practicing for the study marathon

10 Apps Every College Student Should Have in their Phone | Splashlife