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    The world would be a better place if We all had this motto..


    yep. everytime.

    Story of my life haha

    Hahaha You're not kidding!

    Exactly right!

    so true

    Too true!

    AMEN! Sometimes I just wanna rant!


    Exactly! Why is this so hard to understand?


    ⬆️ This ⬆️ I think it's important and awesome to have a vision/goals for the future, but I never want to be so caught up in those things that I forget what God has *already* done. There was a time where I didn't even know what to dream for. I teetered on the edge of settling for just-okay, and I'm so (sooo) glad God stepped in. He had a bigger plan waiting for me. Spoiler alert: He usually does. #joyunspeakable #gritandvirtue

    “you're so brave. emotionally exhausted, mentally drained yet you get up each morning and fight. you are victorious, you are strong! #rhsin

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    “Lord, Please give me strength to let go and entrust everything to You. I understand You won’t allow me to be in pain for the sake of hurting but for the sake of learning. You know me more than I know myself that even when I feel alone and unloved, there is still someone who knows all my flaws yet loves me unconditionally like no other human can.”

    curly hair problem

    Be direct. No need to worry about the opinions of others. Communicate clearly, and never regret not having said what you've wanted.

    Just so we're all clear, it's ok to miss people you don't want in your life.

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