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Secret passageway! Cute idea if your house is designed properly. I remember a family friend's house had a hidden play room under their stairs. To get in, we crawled through a little door in their coat closet. Way fun for kids!

secret bookshelf door. I used to have a door like this at my apartment at sixteenth and Granville in Vancouver ! It had was a door to a closet that was the full tenth of the room and came out in the next room!

I have always wanted my very own secret passageway that is under my stairs... One day

I've always wanted a hidden door. Not quite sure where mine would lead but I think they are so much fun

I need one of these!! NO ONE would know but me me me... =) It would have a Wine Cellar/ Jacuzzi/ Soft Music/ Candles, my best reading books.. That's not asking too much you think? ♥

bookshelf door...secret passageway to a reading nook! but i wish it would be a shelf of movies leading to a movie room or something

Secret passage (a "must have" in my home, if money was not an issue...) ^__^ Vm

secret stairway hidden behind sliding wall art panels

This is actually a really good idea given my embarrassingly large collection of books. Display those I want to display, and tuck the rest away for easy - but private - access! Definitely something I want if I ever get to custom-design a house.