Grey Gardens

abandoned state hospital, casket and grave markers. wow..I went to the link and just spent a lot of time looking at wonderful pictures of abandoned buildings, homes, etc. Stunning and thought-provoking. <3

The Story of Grey Gardens...neglected house of Jackie O's aunt and cousin

They just left - This house has been abandoned for decades and is filled with treasures, from WW2 ID cards to magazines dating back to the queens coronation. Its like the occupant just left

This abandoned home on Carleton Island, NY has a stone base, gabled roofs, towers, arched openings and an interesting past.

Abandoned houses and cars of migratory workers in Belle Glade, Florida. Also Pinned on Abandoned Buildings.

An abandoned town straight from Medieval times

KOMMA HEM...: The Story of Grey Gardens...

Summerwind Mansion in Wisconsin: The story of Summerwind is one of the most famous ghost stories of all time, possibly because people call it the most haunted house in Wisconsin. Thousands of people have shared the story, spreading it far beyond a local ghost story. Even though the gorgeous mansion is now just a pile of rubble, it hasn't stopped the stories from continuing. Summerwind was located ...See more

Abandoned Mansion, then and now

Long time forgotten....


#forgotten #abandoned #spider #webs time capsule by Sven Fennema, via 500px

The 40 Most Breathtaking Abandoned Places In The World. This Gave Me Chills!

Abandoned home in Virginia. Sad and forgotten.

Abandoned ❤///// Oops!

Have you ever wondered who was the last person to walk out the door of this home? I Have. What is the story of this "home"?

Abandoned..... haunted....

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nature taking over