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Spring Field 1911-A1(no-frills) MIL-SPEC .45ACP

Spring Field MIL-SPEC Remember these.they hit everywhere, but the bullseye. When qualling I often got to use my friends Colt Python - those are nice! What is the Nav using nowadays?

BT Buffalo Tactical www.Buffalofirearms.com…

Brugger & Thomet suppressed submachine gun with Glock 29 gen 4 handgun

Fevereon Props: Drizz'ts Swords- Forgotten realms

Who is the strongest being from A Song of Ice and Fire Drizzt can beat in one on one combat? Scenario one: Drizzt has his magic scimitars. Scenario two: Drizzt has all his standard gear and Taulmaril.

Steampunk Pistol by dreamdesigner442 on deviantART...more like dieselpunk

This is one of my "Steampunk pistol" designs! Why I call it "pistol"? it's look like a "revolver" at the first si.

Custom Handmade FOF machetes swords axes kukris by FallenOakForge

This is a wonderful example of my odd line between kukri and bowie styles. To me this seems like a giant bowie, perhaps due to the nearly strait back. -Nova[Custom Handmade FOF machetes swords axes kukris by FallenOakForge]

Not bad, bubba. Mauser 98k

Not bad, bubba. Mauser 98k

.44 Special

The Spl. has always been a great defensive caliber. Now, there are more-practical platforms chambered for this overlooked round.