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  • Andrea Nicholas

    While the business to consumer (B2C) side of social media is both proven and well established, business to business (B2B) social marketing has been a harder sell. How Social Is B2B? [INFOGRAPHIC] Check out the website to see more

  • Purpose Advertising - NJ Advertising Agency

    Generate More Leads with B2B Social Media [Infographic] MEWS Middle East Web Solutions Web Development, Web Design, Internet Marketing, SEO , SEM In the Middle East. Internet Marketing Infographics courtesy #PurposeAdvertising

  • Cause Marketing

    HOW SOCIAL IS B2B...... shows how effective social media marketing has become for B2B, taking a closer look at the benefits of using social media for B2B marketing #infographic #B2B #marketing

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Road blocks keeping your brand from implementing a social strategy? Here is a glance-n-go graphic to get you going forward fresh from Nick Westergaard's presentation at Explore Minneapolis. Infographic designed from event coverage by Andrea Cook.

Diariamente acessamos diversas plataformas de mídia social, mas nunca nos perguntamos sobre o modelo de negócios da dita cuja. Veja neste infográfico o Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Foursquare e outros enchem os bolsos. Veja o infográfico: "How Social Sites Make Money", feito pela Bundles

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How Small Businesses are using Social Media

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22 ways to create compelling content #flowchart #infographic

The B2B Social Marketing Universe [Infographic] This infographic will show within reasonable doubt, that in fact, social media should be a big part of your B2B marketing strategy. And furthermore, should be a high priority piece of your planning for every marketing campaign.

I love Instagram. It is my favorite app. I use it daily as a way to share with my closest friends and fam. I'm over facebook as it is broadcasts my life to way too many people; people that I'm happy to be acquaintances with, but ultimately do not want to have them become aware of every detail of my life. Anyway, here are some cool facts about Instagram.

Charting the B2B Social Media Lead Generation Process by Aarne Töllinen #infographic #clientrelations

The benefits of a well-structured and planned social media marketing campaign are no longer just theoretical, but entirely proven. mgrconsultinggrou...