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    What’s this series all about? Check out the intro post here: Staying Whole in a Processed World: Introduction Ah, you thought I was going to start with the beast itself — processed food? Well, I did, too. I even wrote half the post and then remembered something my husband tells people who attend his...
    April 9, 2012

    Good start to eating organic

    • Barb Moore MH, RHN

      Fruits and vegetables are important for a healthy body, but it doesn't make sense to eat food contaminated with pesticides. Some crops are more contaminated than others, so if you can't buy 100% or...

    • Brianna Hynes

      #OrganicChats #food #recipe Dirty Dozen / Clean Fifteen - Which fruits and vegetables to buy organic

    • Megan Miller

      If you have to make a decision on which organic fruits or vegetables to buy because you are on a budget, etc... choose the products on the Environmental Working Group's the dirty dozen list to buy organically and buy the conventional items on the Clean 15

    • Amber Hawkes

      Dirty Dozen / Clean Fifteen - Which fruits and vegetables to buy organic with veggie filled recipe ideas

    • Love K

      DIrty Dozen & Clean 15: Substitute 5 fruits off the Dirty Dozen with 5 fruit off the clean 15 and cut your pesticide exposure by 92%!

    • Ashley Morosky

      The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15- When you cannot afford to buy organic foods, avoid the dirty dozen (foods with the most pesticides) and buy the clean 15 (foods with least pesticides). Very handy chart, had no idea these foods were full of pesticides!

    • Henry DuQuesnay

      Dirty Dozen / Clean Fifteen - Obviously Bugs prefer certain Foods : Which fruits and vegetables to buy organic (or need to Spray w/Organic Pesticide)

    • The Design Junkie

      ESTABLISH WHAT FRUIT & VEG WE SHOULD ONLY BUY ORGANIC: I often find it really hard to buy all my fruit and vegetables organic, this is either because some products are too overpriced or I just can’t find everything I need. Luckily we have the Environmental Working Group - a non profit organisation that officially test fruit & veg for the level of pesticide residue left on them after they are washed & peeled. They publish their findings for us every year and list the 12 most toxic ‘The Dirty Dozen’ and the 15 least toxic ‘The Clean 15′. Their 2011 list is out and again poor Apples, Celery & Strawberries rank as the worst. Here is the list:

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    List of the Top 12 must buy organic foods and "bottom" 15 that are safe to buy conventionally. The dirty dozen are the 12 fruits and veggies with the highest chemical/pesticide usage and the clean 15 are the ones with the lowest chemicals.

    Lo que debe buscar al comprar verduras. Cómo elegir verduras perfectas (Infografía) - What to look for when buying vegetables. How To Pick Out Perfect Vegetables (Infographic)

    The dirty dozen list – a list of fruits and vegetables that are recommended to purchased only organic because of the high level of pesticide residue found in them.

    It's so important to consider the effects of pesticides on our systems -- the note regarding the nervous system is especially frightening.

    Good to know...

    Buying Organic

    Next time you go to the farmers market, don’t forget your tote. It will carry your fresh produce.

    30% Active Acai Berry in our newest arrival -- BOTANI ACAI BERRY ACTIVE DEFENCE SERUM. Smells like Fresh Acai in this picture!

    This letterpress print reminds you to: Eat your veggies!

    "Keep this list handy for your shopping trips, (I keep a copy in my wallet). I work with many busy families, and the fact is that it is not always possible to purchase organic foods. This is a great way to eat cleaner fruits and vegetables without driving all over town!What are your favorite tips for Clean Eating?"

    Fruits and veggies seasonal calendar

    Namaste, its' me. Who else but Harish Kohli. I spend time in the mountains and during summer am fortuante to eat the fruits striaght from the trees. Add fresh air to it and I am energetic. No yawns. By the way I share the fruits with the birds, they leave their mark on practically each piece that I eat.


    clean eating

    Eat Seasonably, helps save money on your grocery bill. Will need to keep this handy while grocery shopping.