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The Italian Battleships Littorio and Vittorio in action during exercises before the war. Both were targets of the Fleet Air Arm at Taranto, the Littorio was badly damaged.

Italian Battleship, Littorio - one of Italy's most modern WW2 battleships, heavily damaged at Taranto by Fleet Air Arm attack in 1940.

Vittorio Veneto class battleships - Italian Battleship Roma - I just love the Battleship camouflage :)

15 in Italian sister battleships Littorio & Vittorio Veneto pictured training together pre-WW2. Both these modern ships survived the conflict (unlike third sister Roma), though not through lack of effort from the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm: Littorio was torpedoed during the Taranto Raid of November 1940 and Vittorio Veneto during the Battle of Cape Matapan in March 1941.

15 in Italian battleship Roma: not completed until June 1942 due to resource shortages (well over 2 years after her sisters Littorio and Vittorio Veneto), she was the only one of the trio not to survive WW2, being sunk by German radio controlled glider bombs whilst en route to Malta to surrender to the Allies in September 1943.