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Soft Shell Crab + Chives + Lemon + Cabbage + Apples = Cornmeal Crusted Soft Shell Crab with Buttermilk Apple and Chive Coleslaw

I love events that involve overeating.

Chili Crab recipe - While this dish is traditionally prepared with green mud crab in Malaysia, I used a 2-lb Dungeness crab. If you can’t find green mud crab or Dungeness crab in your area, you can always use another crab—stone crab or blue crab. #malaysian #crab

Creamy Butter Crab recipe - The basic ingredients consist of butter, evaporated milk, bird’s eye chilies, and curry leaves. The curry leaves lend a distinct and exotic flavor and complement the richness of butter and evaporated milk. The bird’s eye chilies add an extra kick to the dish. #malaysian #crab

crab is the symbol for Cancer; they are so soft loving, sensitive and caring inside that they must be protected by a good hard shell. Notice how she side-steps and likes it in-direct. Blessed are those that get up into her soft heart as she is unbelievably loving and nurturing when she chooses. (She could also be he).

Can you imagine anything better than sinfully delicious Dungeness Crab Mac N Cheese and a glass of Chardonnay?

Crab Cakes with Lemon Herb Sauce... A simple crab cake recipe bursting with chunks of crab meat and lots of fresh flavor!