the ocean | Heart of the ocean. | This is Brian's cousin, Jordyn. She's gorgeous and posed really well; I wish I could shoot her more. Again, we shot this at Laguna Beach in California. It's kind of the counterpart to this image I shot during the summer, as the compositions are pretty similar and it is the same dress, just in a different color.

Conferring with the Sea ~ artist Steve Hanks; watercolor, 31" x 19". Private collection. #art #painting #ocean #beach

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Where are you? (Husband lost at sea by

ocean waves and sea breezes #fantasy #princess #medieval #maiden #water #wind

This is such a great picture of the ocean.. they is so much going on! I love it.. You can almost feel the storm coming... and picture yourself just standing out there and watching the waves hit eachother.

Coming up for Air (by Lane Coder) [underwater photography]

Female character inspiration. Little girl by the sea.

A Step Onto the High-Ground - Choosing to Be Better Than Your Circumstances -- Steph Gordon (Business Heroine Magazine) {Re-pinned from Hadassah Bullis}

Beautiful colorful pictures and Gifs: Fantasy

I saw her, a young women, holding onto the rocky shore. She seemed injured. I climbed down to help her out of the waves the beat her body against the rocks. "Hold on, miss!" I called over another crashing wave.


By Angela Stella Boyias



You ought to read this book "The Confluence" on #Wattpad. #Romance

Hope for the Hopeless