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the Chernobyl disaster

Chernobyl disaster.

Chernobyl Disaster


How to prepare for a natural disaster if you're a city clicker with pets!

Cyber risk considered greater than natural disasters


Why Disasters Like the Typhoon Will Keep Getting Worse

Pompeii Italy...Now this place was amazing..especially being able to see what the Volcano Ash did to the people or moslty the entire city who could not escape the disaster because of the city being benath the Volcano, i cried a bit while here, but god is mysterious..I thank god four our world history!!

Wires Poles Cars and Oil Ishinomaki Higashi Matsushima Yamoto Japan Earthquake Tsunami Disaster and Destruction Miyagi 2011 | Car photo

Very frightening. Read this article and remember that when given no boundaries, humans are an inherently evil.


Canopus (also Opération Canopus in French) was the code name for France's first two-stage thermonuclear test, conducted on August 24, 1968 at Fangataufa atoll.

"A little girl trying to defend her mother after she has been stoned to death . Sadly she is too late" I didn't want to re-post this. It hurts me to look at as a photo. I feel impotent. I want to help her. To save her. I can't. I want to hold her little girl and comfort her. I want to hurt the people that did this to her....I can't. It's a photo. I'm not there. But - it CAN tell a story. THIS is sharia. THIS is the face of islam. It's not the exception - it's the rule. It has NO place here.

♪♪ Fires burning, fires burning, draw nearer ♪♪

The year is 2042, no one has seen the sun in months... nice.

Mt. St. Helens eruption, 1980

Raplee Ridge, part of the Monument Upwarp in southeastern Utah, is a long, narrow, folded anticline that formed about 70 million to 50 million years ago.

japan earthquake destruction... two major quakes ago.